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Starting a renovation, moving into a new house or just thinking of giving your home a makeover? Trying to fit all your wants and design visions within budget can get overwhelming and we understand that.

To turn your dreams into reality, you need both a creative interior designer and a team of contractors who can execute the project to perfection. We provide just that. Our affordable interior design services combined with meticulous project management & co-ordination skills will make your home makeover project a pleasant experience.

Book a one on one in home consultation to give your project a direction and bring clarity to your design visions. Here is what to expect:


  • Understand design objectives, vision and goals

  • Discuss budgetary requirements

  • Furniture placement suggestions

  • Renovation and construction suggestions

  • Colour schemes for furniture, rugs, accessories

  • Window treatments

  • Paint colours

  • Custom millwork & built in suggestions

  • Flooring and rug suggestions

  • Focal wall features and other wall treatments

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Artwork placement suggestions

In-Home/At Site Consultation:

Weekdays 9am-5pm           -  $499 for first consultation

Weekends & After Hours   -   $549 for first consultation

Duration: Upto 2 Hours

Living Room.jpg

Call us today for more information or to book your in home consultation

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